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Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism Inc.
NC A&T SU Campus Ministry/ Greensboro Branch


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NC A&T SU Campus Ministry/ Greensboro Branch
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Shekinah Campus Ministries

A portion of the NC A&T SU crew
Lynchburg, VA

Bowling Ball

March 27th -Danville, VA

On Saturday May 3, 2003 at the 8th Anniversary Banquet of the Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism, Inc., the Greensboro/ NC A&T SU Branch was named


Branch of the year


Project of the year (Spring Bling 4 the King)


Branch Director of the year



In the Beginning

The Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism, Inc. officially established the "Shekinah Ministries" campus ministry on August 21, 2002 at 2:48PM on the Historically Black College of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. 

The Shekinah Ministries held their first planning meeting on Thursday September 5, 2002 at 7:00PM in Room # 005 of the Student Memorial Union of NC A&T SU.  After holding two preliminary Bible lessons the campus ministry was introduced to the students of NC A&T SU on Thursday September 26, 2002 at 8:00PM in the Commuter Lodge of the Student Memorial Union.  During this meeting the members of the Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism, Inc. shared the mission, vision, programs, and personal testimonies about SOME, Inc.  In addition, the purpose of the SOME, Inc's campus ministry was given.  Several students showed great interest in becoming a part of the "Shekinah Family".  Through this ministry students have experienced God's Shekinah glory (visible manifested presence of God).     Throughout the 2002-2003 school year, the Shekinah Ministries held Bible study & fellowships on Thursdays at 7:00PM in room # 005 of the Student Memorial Union.  of Smith High School in Greensboro, NC.  In addition, the campus ministry hosted the Unsung Heroes banquet, Thanksgiving Dinner, the Spring Bling 4 the King and participated in the Aggie Worship Services.    We all are awaiting the great manifestations of God in the following school years. 

Interest Meeting Flyer
The Beginning


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