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Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism Inc.
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Martinsville Branch
Gretna/Alta Vista/ Danville Branch
NC A&T SU Campus Ministry/ Greensboro Branch
President & Founder
Liberty University Campus Ministry
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The Satan Stompaz

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 Some Officers
    Evangelist Shantae Y. Younger
    President & Founder
  Rashad Preston
Administrative Assistant
(276) 252-8152
 Allyson Rice
General Secretary
(434) 251-4056
   Sis Shawnte Spriggs
Public Relations &Booking Agent
Min. Sharrell Norman
New Editor
Min. Jamaal Jackson
Office of Ministerial Affairs

Presiding Advisor
Bishop Albert Hairston
Pastor of The Greater Refuge Temple the Center of Deliverance
(276) 650-8922

Branch Directors



Tuwanda Ramey




Min. Andre Williams



Greensboro/North Carolina A &T State University

Brittany T. Wells


Liberty University

Laura Bird


South Carolina Delegates

Elder Donte Hymn

Mailbox, Rotating, Opening & Closing

For questions or comments concerning our ministry please address all correspondants to

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