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Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism Inc.
Gretna/Alta Vista/ Danville Branch


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Gretna/Alta Vista/ Danville Branch
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To come out of the confined walls of the church and exemplify
Jesus through effective evangelism.  We also engage to bridge the gap between denominations, traditions,and race.
     The Gretna /Altavista Branch of the Shekinah Outreach Ministry of Evangelism, Inc. was the first established branche of the orginization.  All of our members have been part of  SOME since May of 1995 and 1996.  During the year of 2000, our secretary, Sis.Karen Coleman became an active member. Out of this branch, a Bible Study Club, Praise Dance Ministry and Mentoring Program,over 75 kids present.
     The 1st annual conference of Shekinah was held May of 1997 at the Rehobath Apostolic Church in Danville, Va with Elder Phillip Campbell  and the dynamic Elder Myrah Lykes.  Gretna's branch was built on sound word doctrine with numerous prayer meetings and Bible Studies, traveling from house to house.  Because of our longevity, we have seen the tremendous impact on the lives of people, both in the natual and spiritual realm.  Yet, being the smallest branch of the organization we know that little becomes much when you put it in the master's hand. 

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