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The Elder S. Y. Younger

Shantae Y. Younger was born on July 21, 1978 in Danville, VA.  He is the son of Frank M. Gilbert of Atlanta, GA and Dianne Younger of Gretna, VA.  He was raised amongst the older saints of the church.  At a young age he showed an interest in music and in church.  As children, Shantae and his cousins would go around to area churches singing.  The name of their group was C.I.A. standing for Children In Action.  He accredits a lot of his spiritual ways to being around his grandmother-Marie Younger, godmother-Francis Hall and Katherine Hylton who he fondly refers to as Big Katherine.  They kept him in church and in prayer meetings.  Shantae grew up in the Greater Canaan Land Church in Gretna, VA under the leadership of Bishop Raymond Bennett.  At the age of 12 years old he received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and began to work in different facets of the church.  There he worked as Youth Coordinator, Sunday School Teacher, Choir Director, Usher, and Musician.

Due to the number of musicians at his home church he also worked with other churches in their music department.  Among those churches were Elba Missionary Baptist Church, Glorious Church of Jesus Christ, and Jenelle Temple Apostolic Holiness Church.  Shantae Younger was educated through the Pittsylvania County School System in Gretna, VA.  Throughout school he was known as a church boy and later owned nick named Bishop.  During high school he lead out a prayer group and bible study.  Eventually he started a high school gospel choir that contained approx. 146 voices.  When he took the choir to Orlando, Florida, the choir performed at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios where Younger received awards for his choir directing.  After seeking the Lord, on May 10th 1995 Shantae started the Shekinah Outreach Ministry of Evangelism.  This is a fellowship amongst Christians from different churches and denominations for the purpose of fellowship and evangelism

In 1998 being led by the Holy Ghost, Shantae moved his membership to the Reach Out Apostolic Tabernacle in Martinsville, VA, which was a newly founded church under the leadership of Bishop Lorenzo Hall.  In 1999, Younger did his initial sermon which was entitled, A Crazy Call from an Awesome God coming from Jeremiah 1st chapter.  Minister Younger has worked faithfully in the Reach Out Tabernacle.  He has served as Minister of Music, Praise & Worship Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Intercessory Prayer Leader, and Youth Pastor.  In the July 2002 General Convention of the United Churches of Jesus Apostolic, Minister Younger was ordained an elder.  Elder Younger is known for his energetic preaching style and prophetic anointing.  He has a zeal that captures the attention of youth but has the seasoning of the gospel that surpasses his age bracket.  The essence of his ministry is captured in revivals and during altar services.

Elder Younger also volunteers with other organizations of good cause.  He was inducted in December 2003 to the West Piedmont Aids Task Force Board for the City of Martinsville and Henry County.  This organization is dedicated to the educating and ministering to the victims of HIV and Aids. Today he leads out the Shekinah Outreach Ministry of Evangelism with chapters in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  He is currently enrolled as a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va where he is majoring in English.  At the age of 25 years old the Lord is using him in a mighty way with signs and wonders following his ministry.  So far in life, Elder Younger has had many accomplishments but in all things he recognizes his place as a servant in the kingdom and not a lord over Gods inheritance.  He believes in giving God all the glory for having the opportunity to serve as a vessel.


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